Tuesday, January 27, 2009


January — Cherub & Hot Pink Crystal Heart - Valentine Set. And Cuddle Cubs BROWN BEAR. The 5th in this set.
January — Pete The Cat & Goofy (new Goofy to go with last years new Minnie, Mickey and Donald) - Disney Clubhouse SetThere is also a new Daisy Duck, as part of the new Disney Clubhouse Set. The difference with the "old" Daisy is hard to notice. From the side the bow of the 2009 version slants back much more than the old version.

AND there is a very newly discovered CLUBHOUSE PLUTO. This is a surprise new version. Note the 2009 edition has longer, fatter ears and a somewhat "meaner" look. This makes a whole new Mickey and gang set.

February — Star Wars Clone Wars - New Set (with 5 repeats)

February — Rubber Duck & Chocolate Bunny - Easter Set

Madagascar set with purchase of DVD at Walmart

May — Scrat w/nut & Dino Momma - Ice Age 3 Set

August — Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine & Spiderman - New Super Heros Set. Apparently Wolverine and Spidey are repeats.

August — Disney’s Fairies– Fawn, Rosetta & Terrance

September — Toy Story Buzz Lightyear (repeat ), new Woody, & Rex (no Jesse as previously reported) - Best of Pixar Set.

Release is prompted by Toy Story and Toy Story 2 out in October this year as a double feature in 3-D. Maybe Jesse will be out with Toy Story 3 scheduled for June 2010.

September — WIZARD OF OZ GIFT SET 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Boxed Set –Preliminary info includes 8 characters - Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, The Wicked Witch, Glenda the Good Witch, Toto and The Wizard

September – Princess Tiana Star of 2009 Disney film The Princess and the Frog - Disney Princess set

September–Halloween BatHalloween Set

October — WINNIE THE POOH SLEUTH GIFT SET–Includes Winnie Sleuth (new) and Tigger Sleuth (new), Darby and Buster. News Flash! (April 5th) Word on the street is that this set is canceled. Reportedly the release corresponded with a new Pooh TV show which was canceled Another News Flash! (4/15) - The below characters just started showing up on e-bay as a European only issue.

October – Polar Bear Christmas Set

Some other sets are announced for Europe release in 2009.

Monsters & Aliens - New set based on Dreamworks upcoming movie

Euro Disney - New set with a Dalmatian, Bambi, Marie & (repeats) Simba & Baloo

Hello Kitty - Repeat characters with new colors
Wink - European version of the Bratz?

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wow, what an exciting year ahead of us. WE will keep our eyes open.