Friday, January 25, 2013

PEZ WATCH 2013 - 01

Here are some of the PEZ expected for 2013.
New Candice - Phineas and Ferb Set
Revised Nemo, New Dori, Revised Bruce - Nemo Set
New Duck Egg and Floppy Eared Bunny - Easter 2013
Revised Nurse, Policeman, Fireman and GI - Heros Set
Revised Sculley, New Squishy, New Randall, Revised Mike - Monsters University
New Stem Valentine Variation - Micky/Disney Set
New Truck - Haulers
New Set - Jolly Mah Sheep.  3 characters Lucy, Rosa and Bob, come with a sticky note gift card and include 8 different sayings on the stem.
Toby Variation w/ White Roof - Thomas the Train Set
Fun Ghost - Halloween 2013
Merida from Brave - Disney Princess Set
There is also talk of a new Angry Birds set, revised Smurfs set, revised Bugs Bunny set, new Superman, revised Mario Brothers with a new character and more