Monday, September 17, 2012


For all collectors with access to Canada.
New NHL TEAMS series
has just come out, but only available in Canada. This first issue has 6 different teams - listed on 6 different stem colors.

Friday, September 7, 2012


A bunch of new PEZ have been spotted since our last post, clear back in May. These are new characters for 2012.
Spiderman and Lizard
bust characters - a first for Spidey - with embossed webbing and yellow eyes. Lizard is the villain in the new 2012 Amazing Spiderman movie.
Easter Eggs
are new holiday "characters". They are available in tubes.
Looks like there could be a nearly unlimited number to this series in the future.
is the new nemesis in this year's Batman movie.
This villain has been spotted in Walmart.
2012 Halloween
PEZ are just starting to show up in drug stores.
The only new character is the flat top Pumpkin. The rest are the latest Halloween series issued over the past few years, but reportedly with new stems.
Twin Induction and Fast Fish
are the first two Hot Wheels in this new series.
Referred to as "Pull And Go", the cars, when detached from the stem are pulled back, and released to "go". The cars click into place on the top of the Pez dispenser
Strawberry Shortcake
Lemon Meringue & Orange Blossom
This is a really cute new series of the "contemporary" Strawberry Shortcake characters.
We want to announce that none-other than Elizabeth has already acquired these characters after spying them in a store in the Bay Area.