Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For Mom's birthday and to celebrate the little girl in her, the new FAIRIES set is donated to the museum. These USA release characters are Silvermist, Tinkerbelle and Iridessa.
If you see fairies with pale blue skirts, those are the European release, with Iridessa replaced by the fair skin, auburn haired Fawn (see post of April 4).

Friday, September 19, 2008


Issued for the 2008 college football season are two new PEZ - VIRGINIA TECH and NORTH CAROLINA. (Now there are a couple of big college football teams aren't they?) Being the great college football fan that he is... nothing gets in the way of Grandpa getting to the weekly BYU game... it seemed fitting to have Grandpa receive these for his birthday and per family tradition immediately donate them back to the collection.
There are two appropriate reasons for Grandpa to receive the VT & NC PEZ today: 1) Virgina Tech and North Carolina play each other tomorrow/Saturday; and 2) There is a BYU connection... now follow this path... Virgina Tech and North Carolina are both in the ACC and play U of Virginia. U of Virginia played USC for the first game of the season. USC plays UCLA the last game of the season. UCLA got wolloped by BYU last Saturday. So you see... the BYU fan Grandpa deserves thePEZ today, the day between the day of his actual birthday and the day that VT & NC actually play.
And Mom thought it was silly to give Grandpa PEZ for one of his birthday gifts.

These join the current collection to give us a full dozen in the series.
p.s. Borrowed photo

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is new for 2008 - WASHINGTON football PEZ. The latest in the college football series. Word is that it is ONLY available in Washington State. Now let's see, who do we have that is handy to that northwestern most continental state?
p.s. The background photo is of the blocked PAT at the end of the 9/06/08 game. May be the closest BYU comes to loosing a game all year!?!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Madagascar- Escape 2 Africa
Hopefully we won't have to do as much running around to find MELMAN and SKIPPER as we did to find the original MADAGASCAR gang. (Remember they were only in movie theater refreshment stands... in Long Beach!). I expect these will be out around the release of the movie set for Nov. 7.

p.s. The new FAIRIES series (see PEZ WATCH post of April 4 & June 25, 2008) is issued with 2 tutu colors - WHITE & PURPLE. The Cornwall Collection needs both don't you think?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Arrrr you ready for Pez??

I came across these at Rite Aid while we were getting some "Meds" for Marybeth. I was surprised to call dad corn to find out that he hadn't found them yet. So I did not hesitate to pick these up. They are really cool.