Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For Katie

To honor Katie on her Birthday - 2 faithful companion PEZ are donated to the collection - CLUB HOUSE DAISY & MINNIE. These honor Katie being a faithful companion in the absence of her male counterpart this week. Note: Clubhouse Donald joined the collection on Dallin's birthday last year as the first of the then new CLUBHOUSE DISNEY series. MINNIE is a variation with black outlined eyes (compare to Marybeth's Minnie a few months ago.)

Monday, July 13, 2009


Here are the new college footballs for 2009. (Altho' we still have not obtained Utah and the 2 Washingtons from last year.) I'm thinking these will be HTF outside of Louisiana, Alabama and Missouri.
There is a new variation of the current Batman - with a Bat Logo on his chest. This is supposedly the same variation as the one in the boxed set. I don't think we have this boxed set - do we? We got all the characters separately a year ago when DARK KNIGHT cam out - (CLICK HERE.)
I hear this single Batman is HTF too!

Friday, July 10, 2009

For Jeff

This WALL.E Pez had to be donated in Jeffers honor... since it is his favorite movie.
Now EVE - donated on Sarah's b'day is back with her companion.

For Stefanie

I just realized I didn't publish these on Stef's birthday - June 26th. We were on the trek, is the reason why. Another question one may ask is WHY would Stefanie have Nascar Pez donated in her honor to the collection. Well.... Kansas is closest any Cornwall lives to Nascar country - and is their anyone in the family the least bit connected with Nascar? The other reason is that this series - NASCAR RACETRACKS - was just found and obtained and Stef's birthday was the next one. We wanted the exciting find posted as soon as possible! (Note: Previous Nascar Helmets have been Nascar Racecar Drivers.)

Two other interesting things: 1) Note the misfit card for the Daytona PEZ - it's mistakenly packaged on an ICE AGE 3 card. 2) These cards are a new shorty cards with only 2 pez candy packs. Looks like it will make it more compatible with store shelf spacing than the tall cards.

Note: This series has not been seen promoted or advertised. It was just (a big surprize) discovery at the local Walmart.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We were in Portland for Father's Day and Dad got what he evo' wanted - the new ICE AGE 3 characters.