Sunday, July 13, 2008


This may seem, to some, to be a very unusual contribution to the PEZ Museum in honor of KATIE'S BIRTHDAY. Certainly Katie is NOT into the Dark Knight and has not seen any of the movies. Yet this IS the week that the new BATMAN is released... which is a looked forward to event by a number of individuals associated with the Cornwall Museum. So, now is the most appropriate time to add the 2008 BATMAN series to the collection

Batmen currently in the


Katie said...

WOW Dad, I am honored. I was aware that a new batman movie was coming out but I didn't realize it was this week. Thank you!!!! I look forward to seeing them in person.

Robblog said...

That is so awesome. All PEZ are fun, but the evolution of these is pretty fun. I really like the touch of the batmobile in the background.

P.S. I Also like the touch of the Categories on both blogs, that makes thigs easy to find. Nice touch

Rachel said...

Do we really have that many? Wow. Nice photography dad!!!!