Thursday, February 28, 2008


Dad's birthday added the Mickey Mouse collectors tin to the collection. These are unique PEZ with full figure Mickeys from his different eras.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A voluminous cache of new Valentine Heart PEZ sweetly send you love and best wishes. These are all new for 2008.
Be Mine - To Sarah - who will Be Mine only Valentine home in a few months. (Maroon heart & maroon stem w/ white hearts and - new for this year - white lettering.)
I Choose You - To Mom - who will be the one I Choose every year. (Maroon heart & - very rare - maroon stem w/ NO white hearts and white lettering.)
I (Heart) U - To Rachel - who I Love having her around for "a few" more months. (Purple heart & - very rare - purple stem w/ NO white hearts.)
Dream - To Jason, Stef & Paisley - the Dream little family making it in the big world on their own. (Hot pink heart & hot pink stem w/ white hearts and - new this year - white lettering.
U R Special - Has to go to Jeffrey. (New this year crystal pink heart w/ black lettering.)
Best Friends - Also goes to Mom - who is My B F... (New this year crystal pink heart w/ rare red lettering.)
Sweet - To Robb and Marybeth - The Sweetest couple around. (New this year crystal red heart w/ black lettering.)
Smile - To Katie & Dallin who gave us all Elizabeth's Smile. (New this year crystal red heart w/ - rare - white lettering.)
That's it gang - 8 new hearts to the collection. Not only are they all different we now have all 13 sayings. See Jan 4 Post for the rest of the Valentine Heart Family.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PEZ WATCH - 1/08

Word is that these 3 new 80th ANNIVERSARY MICKEY MOUSE PEZ are out

Friday, February 8, 2008


Here is a preview of anticipated 2008 releases. Looks fun (except for the Pirates of the Carri bean... I am not sure I like the "real life" figures being put out in the past year.)
There will also be a couple more college footballs this year - Virginia Tech and North Carolina - ughhh! no BYU yet. I guess this will be an almost infinite set... Like the pro-baseball set, (see above) which I am not sure the Cornwall Museum collectors will pursue. We have a baseball and a baseball is a baseball.
Thanks to dreamlife90 who e-mailed this to me.

Monday, February 4, 2008


As of today - when I got the final 2007 NASCAR helmet (on e-bay for 99 cents - Yeah!) I think we have added to the Cornwall Collection every 2007 issue.... I know of. I have been trying to get that last helmet for months. In fact I got one on e-bay a few weeks ago but the guy forgot to mail it to me and then ran out. (col)

If you have not kept track of the PEZ WATCH list for 2007 it includes:
  • RATATOUILLE set (4)
  • BEE MOVIE set (4)
  • GOLDEN COMPASS set (4)
  • ELVIS set (3 in tin)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALLS (3) - to complete the set of 7
  • DISNEY PRINCESSES (3) + boxed set
  • ARCTIC BABIES (1) to complete the set of 5
  • Plus there have been other older or special editions added in 2007 some of which have not been displayed to the public yet.