Friday, December 28, 2012

New Acquisitions 2012

Santa brought a very Pezzy Christmas again this year. Pez were left for all, not just those at 336.
Jason & Stefanie got the new Star Wars characters for 2012.
Paisley got the new Valentines Bears
Jarom got the new Craftsman rig.
Robbie got the Stars Wars Next Generation holiday gift set.
Marybeth got the new (rare) crystal Christmas set.
Bennett got the new 2012 Christmas Santa, goofy Reindeer and Snowman with a new scarf.
Katie got the new Valentine hearts.
Dallin got the new superhero villian - The Lizard.
Elizabeth got the very fun new Barbie set.
Seth got the new Toys R Us rig.
Jeffery (of course) got the new bust Spiderman.
Jeff's new sidekick got the new superhero Cat Woman.
The new couple in the family - Rachel and Spencer - got this new gift tin (we won't mention why it is appropriate for them to have received the "Kiss" set.)
Sarah got the new Muppet characters - an updated Kermit and Miss Piggy and all new character Animal
Emary - having just 'hatched' in 2012 got the new Easter Egg series.
Daniel boy got the new Halloween pumpkin.