Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here are some new sets for 2011 in Europe.
Mr. Men Pez are based on a series of children's books by Roger Hargreaves started in 1971. Each character has a dominating trait and a look which exemplifies that trait. There is a possibility of many characters in this series based on Hargreaves 48 "MR. MEN" Characters and 42 "LITTLE MISS" characters including Mr Happy, Mr Silly, Mr Jelly, Mr Snow, Mr Bounce, Mr Forgetful, Mr Funny, Mr Bump, Mr Tickle, Mr Small, Mr Messy, Mr Greedy, Mr Sneeze, Mr Strong, Mr Daydream, Mr Fussy, Mr Worry, Mr Uppity, Mr Dizzy, Mr Topsy Turvy, Mr Muddle, Mr Mean, Mr Nosey, Mr Chatterbox, Mr Noisy, Mr Impossible, Mr Lazy and Mr Grumpy. There have been several animated film and t.v. series made with the characters in the UK and US. The characters even have their own web site - mrmen.comAnd of course - we can't get enough at that HELLO KITTY.


Keep a look-out for the 2011 EASTER BUNNY PEZ.
Appears to be the same Chocolate Bunny with whiskers as 2010, but with a green stem for 2011.

Monday, February 14, 2011