Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It wouldn't be a complete birthday for Robbie without some fun PEZ.
These complete the NASCAR set and the FOOTBALL set.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


5 new pez joined the Cornwall collection
from this year's Easter Baskets.
The one on the right is new 2008 Easter Lamb. This replaces the lamb on the left as part of the current Easter set which continues with the same-old Rabbit, Pink Bunny and Fat Chick of the last few years.
FOUR Easter Chicks joined the collection: left to right...
1) Collector colored Crystal Convention Fat Chick
2) & 4) Scalloped edge shell Chick with Red Hat and thin feet. (Note the difference with the somewhat newer chicks - behind - with saw-tooth edged shell.)
3) Yellow stem, no feet Chick with Red Hat. This is a much older chick and rare with the yellow stem. (Note: It is not the oldest chick. The oldest has no hat.)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

PEZ WATCH - 2/08

Look for a new KUNG FU PANDA series. The characters are based on the upcoming Dreamworks film: Po (voice of Jack Black) - is a lowly noodlemaker/waiter who is a kung fu fanatic but the laziest of all the animals in ancient China. MASTER MONKEY (voice of Jackie Chan) - the joker of the bunch. MASTER TIGRESS (voice of Angelina Jolie) - the brave, strong, no nonsense fighter and SHIFU (voice of Dustin Hoffman) - the master teacher. A prophecy has named Po as the "Chosen One" . With the help of 5 of the greatest warriors the world has ever known it is up to Po to save the valley from Tai Lung, who has recently escaped from prison.

Interesting Note - Shen Lung Kung Fu uses animals as a base for the whole system and disciples of the main master are animal stances or styles commonly used in the art of kung fu - Tiger, Monkey, Snake, Crane and Mantis. These "characters" are the warriors in the movie