Monday, January 12, 2009


Santa brought Sarah the
CARS Collector Set
This is a special boxed set issued in the fall of 2008. The 4 pieces are all Lightning McQueen
and with special writing on the stems.
This came out about the same time as the BATMAN boxed se...t which Robbie got in Boston... Yahoo.

THAT DOES IT... THAT'S ALL THE NEW ACQUISITIONS FOR 2008. The total of new models is 96. Counting a few exact duplicates which came in sets such as the DISNEY PRINCESS boxed set and including Robb's 4 in the Batman boxed set... the collection was added to by 109 in 2008.

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Robblog said...

Wow, so is the predictions going to be like the PRICE IS RIGHT and whoever is the closest will get it. That is a really high number. That was really fun to see all those and look forward to seeing the posts. What at 2008 year