Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas brought a plethora of PEZ to the Cornwall Collection

Dad received the Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs 2010 Gift Set
From Jason & Stefanie

To Rachel, Santa left the new 2010 Crystal Clear Polar Bear
Jason - 2010 Halloween Vampire
Stefanie - 2009 Halloween Bat
Paisley & Elizabeth -
Hello Kitty full body
Jarom, Daniel, Bennett & Dallin -
New Haulers/Trucks
Katie - 2010 Chucky CheeseJeffers - Giant Storm Trooper
Sarah - Giant Barbie w/"real" hairRobb/Marybeth received an entire (11) BYU offensive team.

1 comment:

Stefley said...

Awesome! Those are fun additions! We can't wait to see them in person!!!