Wednesday, February 3, 2010


These are out for Valentines '10. The characters are not new. It's just gift box packaging.
Not much reason to add to the collection.
These have been seen locally at Cost Plus for $7 -$8.


Mom C said...

Please oh please let that be my Valentine's day Gift!!!

Robblog said...

P.S. I am 99% I saw the Dalmatian. It looks just like it does in the picture and it has a blue stem. We are going to Stop n' Shop tonight. If it is still there we will get it.

Those look like a fun set

Robblog said...

I went and check on Buster and Darby and the PEZ I saw was not either of those. I am Positive that it is the "European" dalmatian . But I will double check again tonight.

Dad Corn said...

Mom C.

We already have these characters. All we would be adding to the collection is expensive packaging.