Monday, January 25, 2010


Santa delivered quite a haul of PEZ to 336 this year...
The new PEZ Polar Bear, Santa and Reindeer with snowflake stems and the Santa Hauler
Rex & Woody joined the Best of Pixar series

The Faires european editions joined the collection.
(Compare to the US editions in the top picture.)

One of the most amazing and detailed collectable series ever released - OZ.
None of these characters have ever been issued by PEZ before nor are they available retail as singles.
Another truck to the collection - the Sprint All-Star Race Hauler.

That's it for the new acquisitions for 2009.


Katie said...

Thanks for the post dad since we weren't able to see what everyone got. I really like the Christmas ones.

Mom C said...

I hope that 2010 brings as many acquisitions as 2009!!!

Dad Corn said...

Keep checking back PEZ MOM... for the soon to be posted new issues expected for 2010. There are some FUN ones!

Robblog said...

That is quite a PEZ haul I it was fun to see all of those sets that were newly acquired.