Monday, September 28, 2009


Okay Rachel, we are counting on you - our European collection connection. You know you love to shop. What could be funner than shopping for only-available-in Europe PEZ?
WINX - characters based on a wildly popular Italian Kids Club show.

TWEETY & TAZ - some special European editions and with special stem printing of the popular Warner Bro. characters.

THOMAS the TRAIN - Cute little train engines

MONSTERS & ALIENS - from the Dreamworks movie released earlier this year.

HELLO KITTY - special European set of the immortal kitties
GARY from Spongebob
If we ever get these it is up to our European trotting sister.
Rach, you can get your Christmas shopping all done with real European souvenirs for everyone.


Katie said...

Good luck Rachel, find Thomas the train for Elizabeth she is obsessed with him.

Rachel said...

Dad, I know you've done the research, which stores should I look for?

Dad Corn said...

Actually, my dear, I have not done a spot of research on where to buy PEZ in London or France. I will but the task under my bonnet and see what I can find out.

Dad Corn said...

Okay, Rachel,

I found an old web site that gave a list of where to find PEZ in various countries of the world. It is 10 years old, but it said what I would expect.

England: "Most Drugs Stores, airports, local thrift shops, toy stores, and candy shacks." There is a big toy store chain in London . And there is this one , And there are 10 Toy-R-Us in London go to the web site and click on store locator and enter "London" and you get a map. The one nearest downtown is on "Old Kent Road". (That must be a omen...)

France: I would think it would be the same as England. They acutally have Toy-R-Us in France too maybe this site will have a store locator The big chain in France is found at this site . Reportedly there are many of these in Paris.

Good luck.

Mom C said...

Hey dad - when are you going to post the great PEZ I got for my birthday??? They are fantastic.

Dad Corn said...

Oh Mom, This European connection is too important to be topped. Don't get "Goofy" on me about your birthday PEZ post. It will come.