Wednesday, April 8, 2009



The CORNWALL COLLECTION currently has 6 (see above) of the 10 pieces possible (see below) in the Madagascar Series.
The 2008 MADAGASCAR set added Skipper the Penguin and Melman the Giraffe to the 3 original characters (see PEZ Watch 9/08) . Gloria the Hippo looks much the same in the 2008 set, though the original stem was made in Hungary and the new version is made in China and may have a slight color variation.
The Cornwall Collection currently includes the original Alex the Lion "a". Robb's recent acquisition added Alex "c" - which has a lighter yellow muzzle and a lighter tan nose and lighter head. There is also a variation of the original - "b" - that comes with a line under his nose.
The current Cornwall Collection includes Marty the Zebra "b" which has the smaller eyes. Robb adds Marty "c" which has a much lighter snout and the zebra's head is white instead of a grayish tint. The original also had a "large eyes" variation "a".
if you see any of the following please acquire them;
  • Giraffe - (top priority to find)
  • Hippo - "made in China"
  • Lion - LINE below nose on yellow muzzle
  • Zebra - with BIG eyes

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Robblog said...

Wow I had no idea there were so many variations of those. I was thinking that the set that I got were two repeats with the penguin being the only one that we needed. That giraffe sounds like it will be tough to find but hopefully someday we will