Sunday, April 15, 2007

NF Super-Hero Fam.

Wonder Woman joined the collection. This older "vintage" version has the feature referred to as the "raised star" in her headband
in addition to the no-feet (NF)

Spiderman NF also quickly came on board.
He is a smaller "small head" Spidey.
And now gives the collection a nice little Spiderman clan.
and a complete NF superhero vintage set.


Katie said...

Cool daddyo. Where did you get the wonder women and spiderman? I must say I was always a big fan of wonderwomen because growing up with three brothers that loved superheros, she was mine.

Dad Corn said...

k, "ebay" is the answer to your question of where they came from. There will be more posted soon. To tell you a secret I could post a new addition to the Museum every day for a month +.

Dallin said...

Wow Dad, It sounds like you have been busy. Those look like some very fun additions

Robblog said...

wow the NF collection seems to be complete